If you are looking for an event space that is off the beaten path, follow the runway – that’s airport runway, not fashion runway!

Airplane hangars as a wedding or event venue have many benefits. Bar mitzvahs, weddings, milestone events, corporate team building and leadership retreats all have taken advantage of an airplane hangar event rental.

Four Reasons to Have an Event in an Airplane Hangar
Four Reasons to Have an Event in an Airplane Hangar

Here are some very good reasons why they have, and perhaps why they should be on your list this year as you begin to plan your own events.

  • An airplane hangar as a special event site is a huge draw. If you have an annual event, you’ll find that attendance will go up when the event is held at a hangar. Event planners have found that even one-time events at airplane hangars are well-attended. The difference is the key.
  • An airplane hangar event site is a blank slate. Yes, there might be a little more effort on creating a catering kitchen or bringing in bathrooms but many events today where a tent might be needed also have unique challenges. And unlike a tent, the look of an airplane hangar is usually enhanced, not hidden with draping.
  • It’s a statement. For a team retreat, leadership summit or corporate event, an industrial space conveys the message that you are forward-thinking and poised for take off.
  • And speaking of taking off, just think of the photo opportunities and custom hashtags that can be created! We have access to a small plane just perfect for a selfie station especially with custom hashtag signage. For corporate events, hashtags such as #takeoffwithus #blueskiesforever and #takingflight are great. And wedding clients who are booking their 2020 weddings with us are already using the hashtag #skyhighlove, #skyisthelimit and #lovetakesflight.